Friday, February 06, 2015

Feigned Indignation

Local radio personality Andrew Lawton has recently been put on leave in response to complaints about comments made on his show on AM980 earlier this week. Today I sent the following letter to Andrew's manager, Nathan Smith, standing up to support Andrew and call for him to be put back on the air.

Hello Nathan,

It is a common tactic of the left to feign indignation and call someone a bigot or a racist when they're losing an argument. It's much easier to silence someone by attacking them, than it is to engage in the debate.

Andrew Lawton brings an essential voice to debate in London. He brings attention to countless important issues within our city, our province, and across Canada. I have heard many times from others listeners, while they may not agree with him, they tune in just to hear the debate and his take on the topics being discussed.

I listened to Andrew's show when he was talking about the survey carried out by Emerging Leaders about whether the LGBT community feels safe in London. I didn't hear anything in this show that could be taken as offensive from what he said. He noted some statistics which gave context to the discussion which were entirely reasonable, and apropos. There were even several admittedly gay callers who agreed with what Andrew was saying.

It's feigned indignation and complaints coming from those who wish to silence Andrew Lawton, rather than join the debate that we're seeing now. They're trying to label Andrew as a bigot and have him taken off the airwaves. Giving into them would be a mistake.

Andrew Lawton has raised the reputation of AM980, bringing national attention to the station by hosting interviews with Justin Trudeau and Prime Minster Harper. His show has become a centre of debate for London politics, just recently drawing the city's attention to conflicts of interest among councillors and the political back scratching at city hall.

Andrew speaks the truth and brings character to AM980. I urge you to bring back Andrew Lawton and not give into this feigned indignation.

Andrew Culver


I urge readers to stand with Andrew Lawton, and contact Nathan Smith <>, asking Andrew to be put back on the air.

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