Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ontario and Alberta Get Short Changed For House Seats

The latest rumor on the government's plan to balance the seat distribution in Canada is to add 13 seats to Ontario, 7 to BC, 5 to Alberta and 2 to Quebec. But does Quebec need more seats? Let's have a look at the numbers.

If we look at the percentage of population among provinces compared to the percentage of seats among provinces, we see that under this plan Quebec and BC are almost at par while Alberta and especially Ontario are far below where they should be.

It's expected that Quebec, Ontario, BC and Alberta should have slightly lower representation per population when compared to the smaller provinces, because the smaller provinces have been given guaranteed minimums on their numbers of seats. However, this latest speculated seat distribution still heavily underrepresents Ontario and Alberta.

If we do the same math on the government's previous proposal to give 18 seats to Ontario, 7 to BC, 5 to Alberta and none to Quebec, we see that Alberta, BC and Quebec are more evenly represented, but Ontario still lags behind.

The government's revised proposal to give additional seats to Quebec and fewer seats to Ontario and Alberta is a step backwards.

Followup: Adding House Seats Fairly (and Appeasing Quebec)

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